Solar panels for Housing Associations

ENergy Focus or ENF lists 1,426 manufacturers worldwide for solar panels, a bewildering number of manufacturers. Our current list of manufacturers we currently prefer is a lot shorter. Three. Jinko, JA Solar and Trina. These three are Tier 1 solar panel manufacturing companies and support the in-built optimiser we prefer over others from Tigo Energy.

We take the view in all industry’s only the strongest survive. And if we’re installing panels on roofs for 20 to 30 years we want the ones from the best manufacturers, after all there is no point in having a 25 year performance guarantee if the company has folded in the meantime. The same applies to for optimisers.

The solar panels must be optimised. We’ve mentioned this in the past but optimised solar panels are vital for rooftop installations. An array of solar panels works to the efficiency of the lowest performing panel and with roof installations there is more likely to be situations where a panel is shaded, from natural obstacles such as chimneys. Optimised panels work independently of one another so in the instance of any shading allow all the others to perform at 100% efficiency. They also send us information in real time allowing us to monitor individual panel performance.

Optimised panels are also vital for safety. In the event of a fire the fire services isolate the electricity by turning off the inverter. But this still leaves the panels producing electricity. Electricity and water, no more needs to be said. With optimised panels all panels can be turned remotely. No more needs to be said.

Peter Sermol

Managing Director

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