Local Authorities And Housing Associations

By becoming a partner of North Star Solar, local authorities and housing associations are able to provide HEMS to households in their portfolios.

The benefits of becoming a partner are:

    • No costs to local authority and housing association partners
    • No costs to end-users
    • End-users save minimum 20% on electricity costs
    • Those suffering fuel poverty save more
    • Solution for Digital Inclusion
    • No form of lease or license required

No requirement for procurement

      • Profit sharing
      • Highly experienced in implementation
      • Carbon reduction savings

HEMS was built to be entirely viable without any form of government subsidy, requiring no financial outlay by end-users. The financial model has been validated by Deloitte, who also manage our partner aggregation.

Our current business partners are:
Legal – Pincent Masons
Finance – HSBC
Partner aggregation – Deloitte
Principal Contractor – Solgain UK

North Star operates a radically different model from others in this sector, based on partnerships, cooperation and profit sharing. We remove all profit leakage by excluding middle-men and maintaining a tight control on costs. The emphasis is on maximizing efficiencies rather than front-end profits.

Equipment and installation costs, capital expenditure or capex, is amortised to zero over the term of the 23 year contract, using an innovative financing model that optimises the cost of capital that leverages the lowest available cost of debt, rather than the traditional equity-based financing model. North Star’s profits are realised alongside customer savings and shared with its partners.

North Star is targeting all roofs types; private residential, private and socially rented. Those already fitted with PV will be offered a retrofit battery-only solution.

For information, please contact Paul Massara, p.massara@northstarsolar.co.uk

Institutional Investors

North Star knows that intelligent asset allocation decisions are based on first-class research. Characterized by professionalism and integrity, the team is committed to upholding our reputation for excellence and expertise dedicated to exceed expectations.

As an investor in this sector you can expect to earn a real IRR with a low correlation to traditional asset classes incorporating a low volatility of return. The cornerstone of our approach is to understand the projects’ risk.
We combine a highly disciplined approach with our contacts with partners, technical advisors and market knowledge.

Please contact Stewart Dodd (stewart@northstarsolar.co.uk) or Peter Sermol (peter@northstarsolar.co.uk)

Implementation Partner

Solgain UK based in Liverpool and operating nationwide, is the principal contractor for North Star. Selected for its strengths from successfully implementing large-scale rollouts of solar PV and electrical engineering projects, Solgain is proven to provide complete end-to-end satisfaction for implementation.
Solgain, like North Star is keen to promote local job creation. Using Solgain’s own experienced MCS engineers, local MCS accredited engineers will be subcontracted and trained by Solgain on its installation processes. Using proprietary software to guide installation engineers in a step by step process, all technical due diligence is collected before during and after installation and stored in a private cloud server.

Installations are homogenous to eliminate risk of error. Solar panels are standard fitting, mounting frames is common throughout and battery storage is straightforward for an electrician to install. LED lightbulbs will replace incandescent lightbulbs.

Please contact: info@solgainuk.com