Domestic rooftop solar

Needing no form of subsidy HEMS is offered throughout the UK to all forms of occupants; owner occupiers, privately and socially renting.

Commercial rooftop solar

Commercial and Industrial users face similar challenges to domestic users to gain protection from rising electricity costs having to pay balancing costs, the share of National Grid operating costs currently £1 billion and expected to rise to £3 billion. North Star’s solution of solar PV and battery storage provides a unique way to avoid balancing costs which will increase as businesses choose to self-generate and self-consume their own electricity – the pool of total kWh’s to which balancing costs are levied will shrink, increasing the balancing costs for non self-generating users.

Businesses large or small using North Star’s solution can lock-in lower electricity prices and meanwhile importantly reduce their carbon footprint.

North Star provides a capex-free solution, lowering electricity costs both short and long-term to let businesses grow.

  • Reduces electricity costs day 1
  • Long term energy security – electricity price increases only by the cost of inflation
  • Triad, Tnuos and Bsuos management
  • Accurately forecast electricity costs
  • Back-up power protection from battery storage

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Grid services

n order to quantify the benefits of battery storage, and to better understand the requirements on which a viable case for storage depends, North Star is working with leading universities within this field.

Key areas for value extraction is identified and North Star is looking to build this out as a core strength to its business.