This isn’t a post with a new-fangled scientific finding no-one knows about to give a new reason to say no to fracking. If it were you wouldn’t read any further as we all know no-one will listen.

We know fracking isn’t right, nothing more needs to be said. Does Whitehall drink water from Lancashire? That answer is obvious. Contaminated water supplies from fracking accidents, termed “Fraccidents” is merely one of the dangers, but nonetheless the government owns all the money earned from oil and gas. All the clotted cream of gas revenues will be lapped up and lost in some Whitehall budget we’ve probably never even heard of and never will. A cat fight among mandarins nice to contemplate but it’s held behind closed doors in cozy private clubs over lunch and Brandy’s.

So this is about an alternative to fracking.

This isn’t some rant from the left. It’s a pragmatic view of where we are and where we stand. The government wants fracking and they hold the power to make sure we have fracking. Pandering to voters is a thing of the past now.

On the fracking hand we have lies about revenues, reserves and the potential of ecological disasters. But the government looks at fracking as a money pit which it believes can bail them out of part of its mess. And on the other we have an infinite resource of green, safe, renewable energy. Solar. Which WE can do something about.

North Star Solar finances itself directly from pension funds, the financing costs is low and enables us to install solar PV on roofs of social residents and private residents alike. We don’t need like others offering free solar just the perfect south facing roofs, ALL roofs fit as we model on average productivity.

Help make a yes vote for solar a no vote for fracking.

Let’s get this message out there once and for all.

Peter Sermol

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