Paying for HEMs

North Star Solar offers two payment options for customers.

Free Solution

The first option is we install HEMS with no payments required. The energy savings over the 23 year lifetime cover equipment and installation costs, priced to give you a 20% discount in electricity costs. The information we need to determine this saving is your last 12 months electricity consumption. For both options the type of equipment is identical. You will receive a fully optimised solar PV rooftop installation, battery storage device and LED lighting.

Finance comes from well-known pension funds and at the end of the 23 year term you will own the equipment for free.

Paid-for solution

North Star prides itself by offering the most competitive pricing. You pay for the costs of equipment and installation; optimised rooftop solar PV, battery storage and LED lighting.

The total installed, operational cost for a 3Kw HEMS is around 8 to 9,000. In addition the annual costs of maintenance and insurance is £100.

Monthly Billings

You carry on paying your existing electricity supplier whatever rate, tariff, type of metering you use. Your supplier will pay North Star. You will just see your electricity bill reduce in price.

To get the most value from your battery we suggest you switch to an Economy 7 or 10 tariff. Any excess electricity, over and above the electricity generated from your solar panels, will be purchased at off-peak prices adding to your electricity savings.

How to generate the most savings

Telling us your last 12 months total electricity consumption will allow us to calculate a 20% saving. Over and above this you will get added savings using off-peak Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs.

Economy 7 gives you 7 hours of cheap electricity starting around 12.30AM depending upon your supplier. Economy 10 gives you 5 hours of off-peak overnight electricity and 5 hours of electricity during the daytime at off-peak prices at time slots which vary supplier to supplier. No matter, the battery is charged during the night time as this only takes one hour and it is there to give you this cheap electricity when you need it for breakfast, showers etc. It is colloquially called time-shifting and is perfectly legal and countries all around the world are waking up to this revelation. Battery storage technology allows this to happen.

Houses from northern Scotland to southern England can have HEMS installed and enjoy a minimum 20% saving in their electricity costs.


Some say we have gone overboard on insurance we feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

All the equipment is fully insured, installations are fully insured against any damage such as leaks. After installation all the equipment is insured against known perils such as storm damage. Nothing has been left to chance.