With experience of installing solar PV on roofs of social homes, North Star Solar is keen to share its experience and know-how. Distributed energy is something North Star is passionate about and is committed to help those in fuel poverty. Knowing and understanding fuel poverty; a dirty word by anyone’s imagination, can be stopped we at North Star all feel is worthy of announcing. So join in and start a discussion on how this can be achieved at absolutely no cost to any social landlord.

No portfolio is too big or too small. Right-to-buy and private resi is equally as acceptable as social roofs. Having approved 100% solar PV roofs in a portfolio in Scotland, our model works nationally. Committed to using firms of local installers means local jobs are created.

We live in a world of low interest rates and North Star makes use of this low-cost finance to install 100% of roofs in any portfolio with solar PV. North Star is committed to also giving social capital back to the communities and shares revenues with social landlords. Who knows the needs of communities better than the landlords?

Sounds too good to be true? It all comes down to the cost of capital and it’s hard to think it can get any lower. This makes the whole process tick.

It is an exciting future, we want you to be part of it.

Peter Sermol

Peter Sermol
Co -Founder North Star Solar
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