Who we are

North Star Solar is a company focused on using its business model to invest back into the community. We recognize that rising energy prices are causing fuel poverty, disadvantaging pensioners and the working-poor, and preventing digital inclusion. Our mission is to address these issues by creating self-sustainable renewable energy futures for all.

Alongside our social focus, the team behind North Star Solar are highly experienced the in all areas necessary for leading this initiative.

The North Star Team:

  • Experienced in PV installations
  • Strong background in the electricity industry
  • Strong background in finance
  • Deep network of contacts at senior levels across many government departments
  • Exceptional IT and software skills
  • Proof of concept complete, building order-book

Meet the team

Darren Orbart 150x150

Darren Orbart

Having qualified as an accountant, Darren spent 2 years with Price Waterhouse in Kingston, Jamaica as a senior accountant within the Audit & Business Services Group. Darren has worked for ED&F Man and Shell Trading as Head of Risk Control.



Stewart Dodd

Stewart entered the solar sector after a 25 year career in investment banking at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Nomura where he ran the technology investment banking group. Stewart left investment banking, and became an Internet entrepreneur in 1999, floating and later selling his business. After a foray into the hotel business in Cape Town, Stewart returned to Europe and settled in Barcelona and truly saw the light and began his solar career.


Peter Sermol

Peter has 30 years’ experience in the trading fixed income securities and equities. Prior to North Star in 2014 Peter worked with Anca Capital Partners a firm focused on European distressed investments.


Paul Thomas

Paul developed a divisional IT strategy while at the London School of Economics that delivered systems and process improvements at reduced costs.

What we do

We provide households, homeowners, businesses, local authorities and council associations with access to complete energy solutions that decrease dependency on grid power and lower overall energy consumption. Our aim is to provide access to self-sufficient energy systems to everyone, changing the current model of centralised power to de-centralised, locally self-generated power.

Solar power is an efficient source for energy but for most works the wrong time of day, when people are at work. Battery storage enables you to store this energy and use it when you are at home after work. LED lighting saves money by lowering the amount of electricity you consume daily. Combining these technologies in our Home Energy Storage System we offer two pricing models to best fit your needs.

Equipment installed

Solar PV Panels

We use Tier 1 optimised solar PV panels that are warrantied to only degrade in efficiency by up to 10% by year 15, and no more than 20% between years 20-30. Any panel found to have a higher degradation rate than this will be replaced free of charge by the manufacturer. All panels come with a 25 year manufacturer’s performance warranty.

Optimised panels allow us to identify if one of the panels are faulty, without having to replace the whole array. It also prevents the whole array from stopping working if one individual panel becomes faulty.

All east, west and south facing roofs are eligible for solar PV installation, so long as they are free from excessive shading. The panels generate power even in cloudy weather, meaning homes in Scotland are as viable for installations as those in Cornwall.

Ever mindful we do not want a world of have’s and have-not’s, for north facing roofs we are currently working on a solution involving optical concentrator technology which will allow us to install HEMS and increase the efficiency of this roof aspect.

Battery Storage

A key component of HEMS is the battery storage. This allows households to store the electricity they generate during the day for when they need it most.

For PV (solar energy) storage, we use lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion refers to a range of different batteries, within which we have selected two types to serve our two primary types of energy consumers. Lithium titanate (LTO) batteries suit households who use electricity more or less evenly throughout the day. Lithium nickel manganese cobalt (Li-NMC) batteries suit those who are out of the house during the day and consume most of their electricity during the morning or evenings.

We will provide customers with the battery which best suits their household’s unique needs.

LED Lighting

Lights make up to 1/3 of a household’s electricity consumption. LED lighting can save between 60-85% of this usage, as it uses a far more efficient process to create light. However, many people avoid buying them as they are more expensive than incandescent lightbulbs.

To encourage people to use LED lighting we are offering to replace all of a household’s light bulbs with LED light bulbs, helping to significantly reduce their average energy consumption. This is a core component of our aim to promote fuel efficiency alongside self-sufficiency.