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North Star Solar Plan following DECC FiT decision

While we all wait with bated breath to see what DECC says on October 23rd, our feeling is FiTs will be removed completely. DECC was a Lib-Dem department and isn’t liked by Treasury (putting it mildly). So the fact that DECC has overspent on renewables we feel is the reason for this show-stopper, i.e. It is ultimately a Treasury decision not a DECC decision. If anyone has a better or different reason please feel free to share it. Nonetheless as we see it is FiT’s weren’t necessary in the first place anyway.

So where do this leave us for the rest of ’15? We are very keen to install solar PV on roofs under the current tariff regime. We’ll still be here next year and will be announcing the shape of our ’16 model in due course.  The combination of batteries and solar PV excites us, it has done from the beginning and the new model joins these dots.

Right now we are looking to buy existing solar PV portfolios (which can include other forms or renewables) at 14x EBITDA. For rooftop portfolios with contracts we can install 250 roofs per week per project, and any commercial properties if a G59 is signed we can start installing straightaway. We can provide construction finance and materials if required.

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